Our company mainly dedicates in designing, manufacturing and selling the Far Infrared health products. Having had a history of producing such kind of products for 5 years since 2005, we have accumulated quite a lot of experience and technique. As a quality promoter and a growing manufacturer and exporter, we dedicate in producing high quality products and have already established a set of high efficient system of production management and quality control to ensure ideal stable and outstanding qualified products.

We warmly welcome all the guests from the world wide to view our factory, production process, and quality control, and further discuss our cooperation. We will provide you the best products with the best price and best service to meet our mutual beneficial goal.


We manufacture our IdealWave Carbon Heater by our own factory, and have applied patens in USA, Germany and China for its revolutionary function- ONLY FAR INFRARED RAY, NO ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION, which will ensure you a safe and ideal sauna using, and more important is to produce 2 to 3 times more sweat with absorbing the full range FAR Infrared Ray emitted from our own patented heater.

For the present market saunas with the general carbon heater or ceramic heaters, the dadiation testing reading datas are at least more than 30MG, in fact, this is very dangerous and harmful to our people¡¯s health when enjoying the Far Infrared Sauna, just like our consumers are covered by a strong radiation net when enjoying the sauna!

Idealwave Sauna is the first and sole company who can and is using the Low EMR Carbon Heater for our whole range sauna and sauna products, which will make a 100% clean and health sauna using for all our consumers.